The main company activity is:

  • Building, maintaining and managing of IT systems;
  • Contacts and information exchange with private, municipal and state organizations;
  • Maintenance of databases necessary for the work of state, municipal and private natural and legal persons;
  • Providing information to the interested organizations;
  • Development and placement in service of specific smart and IT systems
  • Performing control functions in regard to the information quality;
  • Organization and conduction of trainings and qualification courses;
  • Consultancy and information services;
  • Services related to IT-business support – organization of trainings, meetings, conferences, etc.

Business model

With the establishment of the company, Burgas Municipality, as a principal, has imposed the idea of seeking alternative ways of stimulating growth in the field of innovation for Burgas. The “smart city” philosophy – the city in which integration of existing and emerging physical, digital and human systems into the surrounding environment exists, to achieve a sustainable, prosperous and uniting future for the people, is at the heart of the vision for the development of our city and hence of the company “Innovative Systems – Burgas” Ltd. The company's activities mobilize the talents of new-minded local people with an interest in innovation and digital technologies, to initiate projects and to implement activities in favor of the development of our city.
The planned business development model is based on the ambition for offering unique, specific services, which can be provided by the specially qualified in the “smart city” field team of “Innovative Systems – Burgas” Ltd. The company will certify soon its management system according to the ISO9001: 2016 и ISO27001:2013 standards.

Services and Products

The Company is working in the long run to create and offer software products and applications to serve the local government and citizens as well as services related to the integrated use of databases generated in connection with the development of individual systems and applications for the particular populated place.
Another development aspect is the formation of a qualified team for integrated urban management systems support, consisting of specialists working on data collection and processing devices and systems to offer maintenance and/or upgrade of already built urban systems.