Project Year Partner

“Improving the Central Heating Energy Efficiency of Three Municipal Education Buildings in Burgas city, “Meden Rudnik” residential district” Project

2016 Burgas Municipality
“Establishment of a rehabilitation and psychological support center for children with cerebral palsy, autism and somatic injuries and their families on the territory of Burgas Municipality” Project 2016 Burgas Municipality
“Preparing a Roadmap for Intelligent Urban Decisions Implementation in Burgas Municipality and Stakeholders’ Involvement Support” Project 2017 Burgas Municipality
“Integrated Security System for Burgas city” Project 2017 Burgas Municipality
“Establishment of a Local Initiative Fishing Group (LIFG) on the territory of Burgas Municipality and Kameno Municipality” under the Maritime Affairs and Fishery Program 2014-2020

Project №BG14MFOP001-4.001-0013

2017 Burgas Municipality
“Technical and operational support of information kiosks system owned by Burgas Municipality, implementation of information kiosks centralized management system and provision of multimedia content management” Project 2017 Burgas Municipality
Software upgrade of ticket system for failures registration“ Project 2017 Burgas Net Ltd.
„Reconstruction of “Bogoridi” street pedestrian zone – Building a Hot-Spot system for free internet and putting into operation of intelligent pillars with different functionalities” Project 2018 Via Construct Group Ltd.
“Mobile Application Development – Virtual Reality Tour Burgas” interactive guide” Project 2018 Burgas Municipality
ICT Cluster Burgas
“Building a „Business map Burgas” platform” Project 2018 Burgas Municipality
“Viber- Stickers Burgas” Project 2018 Burgas Municipality
ICT Cluster Burgas
Analysis and preparation of methodology for data processing for the Regulatory Plans on the territory of Burgas Municipality and for underground pipelines and facilities on the territory of Burgas Industrial and Logistics Park 2018 Industrial and Logistic Park – Burgas
“Innovative Techniques and Methods for Reducing Marine Litter in the Black Sea Coastal Areas” (REDMARLITTER) 2018 Burgas Municipality
Development and organization of TED type virtual seminar 2018 Burgas Municipality
Access to GIS data module development 2018 Industrial and Logistic Park – Burgas
Website development, hosting and system support for presenting the initiatives of the European Maritime Day 2018 and Burgas Maritime Festival 2018 Burgas Municipality
Preparation of roadmap for smart urban solutions implementation in Burgas Municipality and stakeholder involvement support 2018 Burgas Municipality
Planning and implementing a massive social media campaign – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, on the Snapshots from the Borders Project – Small towns face the challenges of 2030 Plan (Snapshots from the Borders Project) 2019 Burgas Municipality
Maintenance of information kiosk system owned by Burgas Municipality 2019 Burgas Municipality
Provision of external technical expertise for coordination and monitoring of the activities implementation under Integrated Urban Mobility Management Project – Stage 1 2019 Burgas Municipality
Development of service providing modules based on geospatial information for the implementation of Burgas Municipality e-Administration services in the field of spatial planning and investment design 2019 Burgas Municipality